Guaranteed Returns


Guaranteed Returns

In my book Peace of Mind Planning: Losing Money is No Longer an Option I have a chapter that covers how people can literally earn a 5-8% guaranteed return on a product that couples the return with a guaranteed income for life that can’t be outlived.

You’d think that any investor who reads the previous sentence would take an interest in such a powerful wealth building tool right? Well, the fact of the matter is that most of the general public doesn’t know these type of products even exist.

Why? Well….if you read my chapter in this book on “bad advisors” you will know. The short answer is that many securities licensed advisors (like those who work through broker dealers such as mass mutual and others) are FORBIDDEN from selling these products. It’s crazy, I know, and is why I have a chapter on bad advisors in this book and why I wrote an entire book titled Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them.

See if you think some of your money should go into a product with the following traits:

100% principal protection (your money will never go backwards due to negative returns in the stock market).

Positive gains in a stock index are locked in every year (minus dividends).

-A guaranteed rate of return (accumulation value) between 4%-8% depending on the product.

-A guaranteed income for life you can never outlive (without having to annuitize).

If you don’t think the above sounds worth enough to learn more about, then you really don’t need to buy my new book.

If you are interested in learning about products that have traits listed like the ones above, then you need order my book and start reading it ASAP. Reading this book will truly be a life altering event.

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