Avoiding Bad Advisors


Avoiding Bad Advisors

What are the consequence of working with a bad advisor? Only the loss of significant amounts of your money due to bad investments and ill-suited life and annuity products. But hey, that doesn’t affect the advisors. Bad advisors don’t have to wait three-five more years to retire because of the bad advice they give. Their bad advice only affects their clients (you).

Let me ask you this, do you know if your life insurance agent is any good?

Do you know if he/she knows “all” the products in the market so the best recommendation can be made?

Do you know if your life insurance agent is “captive”? (Meaning that he/she can only sell you products from the company he/she works for).

Do know if your insurance agent or financial planner are forbidden by the companies they work for from selling you products that have:

-100% principal protection (your money will never go backwards due to negative returns in the stock market).

-Positive gains in a stock index are locked in every year (minus dividends).

-A guaranteed rate of return (accumulation value) between 5%-8% depending on the product.

-A guaranteed income for life you can never outlive (without having to annuitize).

Has your financial planner/stock broker offered you investment strategies that have 70-80% less risk than the S&P 500 with returns that are equal to or better than the index?

Has your financial planner/stock broker suggested that you use mutual funds or an asset allocated portfolio to grow your wealth (which mathematically is a terrible idea)?

Have any of your advisors suggested that you look at Retirement Life™ to help you grow wealth for retirement in a 100% tax free manner?

The list of questions I could put on this web-site to help readers understand the variables that go into making a “bad advisor” is nearly endless. In Chapter 10 of Peace of Mind Planning: Losing Mondy is No Longer an Option I have 30-pages of material explaining to readers what makes a bad advisor and how to identify one. If you ever wondered if you are working with a “bad advisor” now is the time to find out.








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